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    Family Fun F1

    Gather whole family around this desert to share highlights of the day and of course this delicious jelly cake.

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    Party Pleaser P2

    Big parties...Lot of different people and tastes...Get dessert that will please them all.

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    Family Fun F3

    This cake will out loud words which we do less, then needed.

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    Treat Yourself T3

    Sometimes after hard day of work you just need to treat yourself!

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  • 10 Quick Facts


    Jelly doesn’t wobble underwater.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    Jelly was first eaten by the Egyptians.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    Gelatin the main gelling agent for jelly was used as a blood plasma substitute during World War II.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    Jelly used to be a food that only the rich could afford.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    The world's biggest jelly was one meters tall and seven meters wide.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    The gelling agent used in most jellies is gelatin, and is sourced from animals.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    The original Jelly flavors were orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    There are 149 calories in 1 cup of Gelatin Dessert.

  • 10 Quick Facts


    If you eat too much jelly it can be a mild laxative!

  • 10 Quick Facts


    The wiggly motion of gelatin mimics the brain waves of adult men or women.

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Cold splashes of color. Sudden. Sweet tenderness in your mouth. Irresistable...

Immerse yourself in the simple bliss of this low-calorie desert fit for any occasion, from individual to a party.

With many theme ideas and abundance of color and patterns, children can relish their imagination in our arrangements, which include fruitelly cakes shimmering with mystery and joy.

Chuncks of fresh fruit crafted with precision in high quality gelatin, a pure protein, with no fat or additives will refresh your body and soul and make any environment into a treat.

Try our dessert and discover a vibrant food that exceeds health, pleasure and lightness.

Light the magic!

En Joy!